Sunday, July 22, 2012

Swim Team

Most of you know that I'm on the Lehi swim team. Here are some pics of swim meets,and after practice. It was really easy getting on the team all I had to do is swim Freestyle, Backstroke, and Breathstroke without stopping. I got assigned to the 7:00A.M. class. That was great for us because its good practice for being a early bird for school. And its good for ballroom because it starts at 9:00. This pic is coming home from practice. I sleep on the way home. We work pretty hard.

 This is at the last swim meet I did.
 This is Pleasant Grove my first swim meet. I was doing butterfly.

 You can see me diving in.
I love swim team!!!!!
Bye, Jacee

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Modeling Assingment

Hello, at my moms side family Reunion me and 2 of my fave cousins went to the park and took pics of each other. 1 of us would model them and then another would take the pics. Heres some of Taylors.

Heres some of me.

Some more of Tay.

More of me.

I like the slide shots of Taylor.

Ashleys shadow.
Looks like we HATE one another. But we dont.
there was a ton of ants!!!

Here we have "trying to take a pic of them doing a toe touch" ( this part was so fun!!!!)

No dont take a pic. No!!

coming home.
Hope u enjoyed!!! Bye,