Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bubbles jets could this get eney better?

Well you all know that we moved right.Well in my parents bathroom they have a bathtub/hot tub. So every time we have to take a tub we go in thar. Here's me slipping down in the bubbley tub!
Here's me just smiling for the pitcher. I did put bubbles on my head just for it!

Now this is probably the 3rd or 4th time? We wear telling each what we looked like.
Me just staring at the bubbles for no resin! Im really wrid.

The left side of the bubbles. The bubbles got really high when the jets are on!
The right side of the bubbles. Thats were i oushley sit

Bye Jacee

Friday, July 29, 2011

Jadas so cute!

Now i couldn't find eney more pitchers of Jada so i did Maddie because i think its funny!
Shes still asleep and i like it.Because its quit.
This has Jada in the background. And she looks kinda grumpy!
Cece took her hair and it wit crazy!!Its funny too.Jada smiled because they said they were taking a pitcher:)!
Her hair is done and cute! Nia snuk in the picher.
Side of the craziness! My mom fluffed it up a little bit

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dance days i miss!

This is the close-up.
This is the small virshin.
This is the close-up. And i got to think of my pose i think its cute!
The next picher is the small virshin and the ending pose for this dance!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Jacee meet Jaycee

Hay peoples I'm at my last ballroom concert and my mom introduced me to one of the lehi dancers! And geuss what her name was Jaycee and she had blond hair ,blue eyes!And i also meet a girl named Taiana she tesed devin she said"devins my boyfriend and devin is going to 4th graed!
well thats all
see ya

Random Pichers.

Well my neighborhood had this thing for the 4th of july and it was called the neighborhood of fire. My daddy came and i looked at the car i looked at my dad and i said" Ok that can't be my dad because my dady has long curly hair"But then i ran to the car and said" hi dad".
Yes this is me at the neighborhood of fire.Landons mom sprayed alot of kids hair and it started with me.Ther also was a young woman who painted kids faces! Maddie got a butterfiy in red,white and blue!
Just a random pic i found.Its cute adorable what ever you might say.But i don't know where it was but i do know its aunt Jen and Lizzy!Me and Sarah at Dremz.The middle girl is Beca! I love Beca shes so nice.We know her because she was in school with my dad and she got paino lessons from my Gradma Vick!